The vision of Capshort

The Capshort ecosystem was created and has been expanding with the following prospects:

  • It is the economy's long-term sustainability that is one key element that can make the ecosystem develop with certainty and prosperity.

  • In this vision, the economic development of Capshort ecosystem is emphasized and our team’s full efforts are put constantly into studying and updating the best features or versions of all products which result in the best experiences for everyone in our Capshort ecosystem. By doing this, Capshort users can find and develop new ideas, create more, and support hand in hand to Capshort's long-term growth.

Sustainable & long-term development

The digital works of content creators are always respected on Capshort, a new-generation social network, and those that have been and are being used for free or without value will be increased in their value.

Increase the value of posts. Authors will have opportunities to ignite their creativity in their works or contents and additionally are offered options to choose and preserve their works. As a result, their works’ genuine values have been enhanced and merited with greater respect for all of their hard-working attempts.

Ecosystem sustainability. Capshort offers a wide range of products, and they all work well together to form an essential link in the chain of Capshort ecosystem operation. Capshort's economy is envisioned as a micro-economy with the goal of balancing stability for the ecosystem; in this economy, the supply and demand chain must continually be balanced in order to increase economic sustainability. In the long run, this will aid in the maintenance and growth of the Capshort ecosystem.

Balance the value of CAP. It is another important factor that we always pay attention to building in long-term goals and can be considered the most difficult one. Because the CAP token is a key used token in all the services of the Capshort ecosystem and if the CAP token is balanced, it represents a more stable and sustainable economy.

Create products based on the primary product. We keep developing secondary products to complement in the ecosystem, not only the primary product, Capshort App. In the upcoming period, the Capshort team will have released new products to offer to all users. Capshort products will always be focused on their innovation with blockchain technology so that everyone may easily access and use blockchain.

Stablecoins and CAP awards can both be redeemed for each other. The ecosystem's CAPs will be burned in order to prevent further deflation and assist the CAP become more stable over time.

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