🎫Ticket Pool

Ticket pool are a feature that allows creators to sell Tickets for their channel to the community, and they will share revenue and exclusive benefits with their ticket holders. When participating in this feature, the creator will set the price per ticket the maximum number of purchases per user, and some other information. After that, users will buy tickets to support the creators and earn a part of the profits from these channels and can buy/sell tickets easily.


Creators profit from ticket sales in the form of a commission for each ticket purchase or sale. The creator then shares a portion of the revenue from his channel with ticket holders. This revenue includes donations, rewards from the Capshort system and profits from sales and many other activities.

Disclaimer: Ticket exchange and buying/selling activities apply blockchain technology and the price of the Tickets will be automatically calculated based on a public algorithm and there will be no intervention from Capshort ecosystem. Therefore, investors will make their own decisions and be responsible for their ticket exchange and buying/selling activities on the Capshort platform.

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