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Capshort Store is a product/feature in Capshort ecosystem to exchange or trade its users’ digital works for reaping profits or rewards.


​​​​Buying or Selling is the basic feature of the Capshort Store. Users can freely buy and sell videos, articles, proposals, or digital contents, nevertheless those do not conform to the Capshort ecosystem’s regulations that will be removed and the account owners who posted these contents will be blocked. It is believed that this great friendly ecosystem can created and contributed by each of users to experience and to be closed with.


Auction / Bidding

Users can provide their digital works or collections to exchange for likes, donations with deserved causes, etc. If it's a collection auction, we will review and evaluate its worth more meticulously to prevent instances of fraud, forgery, or other unethical behavior.

Donate: before reaching recipients, all contributed things (tokens) for posts, songs, filters, or channels will be subject to a system fee.



With supporting this feature in Capshort Store, users and advertising agencies can cooperate to give the best works, products, or services to audiences or customers.

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IPO is a unique feature merely in Capshort Store, which content creators can have a plethora of opportunities for their works to approach more people and to gain profits from their projects through trading NFTs of the collections.

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