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More than super app


Application is a key product of Capshort's ecosystem. Capshort App is a place where users will be able to participate in activities in the ecosystem such as learning, reading news, playing mini-games, or other activities to earn rewards.
Various features are facilitated in the app for the creation and sharing of knowledge, videos, articles, podcasts, or other works. All the contents will be reviewed and distributed appropriately to different groups of users. Additionally, the passion and enthusiasm in every content or work will be inspired and shared with all.
In the Capshort ecosystem, content creators (artists, studios, dancers, etc.) can ignite their own creativity and use their creations to:
  • Share for public purposes as eligible in the system to receive bonus tokens.
  • Put into store in public for needed persons to collect the number of expected tokens.
The App will include many functions such as X to Earn, multi-sensory experiences, creating videos, and podcasts, managing assets with a wallet in the app, or a recommendation for the community. All of this content will be curated and distributed appropriately for everyone.


The workflow demonstrates how the activities in Capshort ecosystem operate with transparency and coherence which can provide all of you with a great social platform for experience, entertainment, and token earnings.
Features in the app will be continually updated to meet your needs in a wide range of activities, please keep your eyes on news from Capshort team and its official channels to experience them.

Core Features

Capshort will be a new-gen social network platform, in addition to the available basic features in other social network platforms on the mobile application market. One of the main app features is a tool to support users to optimize their content creativity, while possibly earning tokens.


The multi-sensory feature makes it possible for users to learn and entertain in many different ways, thereby making all user experiences more diverse and new. In addition, the use of multisensory in the ecosystem is seen by us as one of the pioneers in web3 and socialFi.
The sensory features we offer will include: listening to music, recording videos, playing games, reading news, learning blockchain, web3 and more.

X to Earn

Refer to Earn

Refer to Earn is a feature that helps users refer their friends or community and when completing tasks, both will receive rewards from the system. Besides, the inviters will be able to get 5% commission for all the activities that the user participates in and gets rewarded.

Learn to Earn

Users can use the Learn & Earn feature of Capshort App to read and learn about blockchain, web3 or crypto knowledge, and more. After reading and learning, users will be able to answer questions and earn more PCAP that can be redeemed for other rewards.

Play to Earn

Users can play entertaining hyper casual games, and at the same time can connect with friends and still earn more PCAP to redeem rewards.

Read to Earn

Coming soon...

Listen to Earn

Just listen to music and you will receive a reward, which is the Listen & Earn feature of Capshort App. This will help you relax but also help you bring PCAP .

Mystery Box

Mystery Box is a feature for existing PCAP users to open Box and have the opportunity to increase the number of PCAP for themselves and in the future there will be other items such as NFT, other tokens,...

Short video, article, podcast

The core feature supplies myriad flexible means such as effects or sounds to create more vibrant content or works for the purpose of amusement or token earnings.
  • Create posts (for users): this is the first way to make money. The activity offers two methods to profit: (i) create a post, publish it on the app, and get tokens that are equivalent to the number of views, shares, and reactions; (ii) or may publish in the store and receive tokens for it.
  • Media license (for creators): the owners of any digital works of art or entertainment are given tokens as payment for their copyright. These include any digital content having registered copyright through the Capshort system, as well as music and dance.

Reward system

Merit system, another Capshort’s crucial feature, can give users many opportunities to gain tokens, NFTs or other rewards as completing tasks in the ecosystem or creating good contents. The efforts on inventions and contributions to the Capshort ecosystem will be paid well and deserved with their values.
  • The system can reward token for individuals or channels.

Build NFT

All of videos, music, contents or works in Capshort app ecosystem can become a NFT and these works or contents are always guaranteed with NFT technology.


This will be one of the features that web2 or web3 users will look forward to. The Kiosk feature is a form of mini-shop for users and when used, they can use tokens or fiat money to pay when buying products while experiencing. This helps people to shop faster and more conveniently.
Coming soon...


AR/VR is another special feature of Capshort app which gives you a unique visual experience on your own mobile phone.
Coming soon...
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