Overview & target markets


With the restless growth, social media such as TikTok and Youtube, has been prevalent with over 3 billion users spending more than 90 minutes daily on these platforms. Its potential attracts the Capshort team to develop a social media app with blockchain for the enhancement of content values and for everyone to unwind while being rewarded.

Targeting to become a pioneer in socialFi field on web3, we have been combining must-have or available features of social media and DeFi on a blockchain product with other variously prominent features from our own development. Thus, all users can have a plethora of unique experiences with Multi-sensory Social Media.

In addition to that, we have built a Decentralized Social Media where users can earn NFTs through the content created and stored with the values or selling to others.

Target markets

Capshort targets two important market segments: projects/organizations and users/creators. With the ability to increase brand awareness, interact with users and attract customers for projects/organizations, along with the opportunity to earn money and become famous on social networks for users/creators, the social project promises to become an important and attractive entertainment and learning social networking platform in this field.

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