Our engineering team consists of young technical talents from large and small companies from Vietnam. Many of our team members have had experience working in areas such as booking, fintech, social media and web3.

Social mobile apps and blockchain

We use blockchain technology to create a social network to create value for the digital content of content creators thereby helping users see the benefits of blockchain technology.

The social mobile application allows users to connect and interact with each other anytime, anywhere through mobile phones. Users can share information, photos, and videos, and interact directly with friends, family, and the community quickly and easily.

Blockchain is used in many social mobile applications providing a higher layer of security for data and transactions. Information is encrypted and distributed across many network nodes, making it more difficult to compromise and change data. At the same time, the blockchain also provides transparency and transparency, helping users to reliably check and verify transactions and allows users to control their data and decide how it is used. Instead of trusting an intermediary third party, like traditional social networks, users can manage their personal information and privacy more freely. This creates a fairer online environment and helps users feel more in control of their data.

BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon

Building a social network on the BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon platforms offers many significant benefits:

  • Scale and Scalability: BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon are all blockchain platforms with large scale and high scalability. By using these platforms, the social network can respond to the application with a large number of users and process a large number of transactions efficiently.

  • Standards and compatibility: The BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon platforms have developed standards and protocols through smart contracts, such as the BEP-20 (BNB Chain), and ERC-20 (Ethereum), and ERC-721 (Polygon). This allows the social network to easily interact with the various apps and services on the platform.

  • Payment Calculation and Tokenization: This blockchain platform supports the creation and management of various types of tokens. The social network can use the token to make transactions and incentivize users to engage, share content, or participate in the community. Tokenization provides a convenient payment method and the ability to motivate users.

  • Smart Contracts and Interoperability: Using smart contracts on this platform, the social network can create smart interactive features such as cryptocurrency trading, commenting or rating content and support various social functions. This opens up many creative opportunities and creates diverse interactive experiences for users.

Smart contracts and GitHub

Token smart contracts:

Others smart contracts will be updated soon

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