Token utilities

Tokens will be used for many different utilities and below are the benefits of tokens in Capshort's ecosystem. All transactions generated from utilities in the ecosystem will be burned by us, built a hedge fund for users and reused for other activities in the ecosystem.

In addition, the benefits of using CAPS tokens will be more favorable with other tokens that the system supports in order to create more use cases for CAPS tokens.

The utilities that the CAPS token can use now and in the future include:

  • Staking, Voting

  • Pay publish events, products fee

  • advertise fee

  • Buy NFTs/ in-app items / shopping online

  • Donate

  • Fee convert PCAP to CAPS token

  • Rewards active users

  • Rewards content creators

  • Prizes for contests

  • Join premium groups and parties

  • Capshort's exclusive contests can be entered

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