Official Capshort Whitepaper v1.0, last updated May 2023

What is Capshort?

Capshort is a SocialFi ecosystem that allows people to engage in multi-sensory experiences and users earn rewards.


Capshort will be the pioneer in mobile socialFi applications that combine blockchain technology and multi-sensory experiences to apply the features of this ecosystem to give people access and use better technology.

In the ecosystem, users will be able to participate in activities in the ecosystem such as learning, reading news, playing mini-games, or other activities to earn rewards.

Capshort is a digital app where people from all over the world come together to enjoy topics or content that interest them. Then they can join to create, earn and have fun.

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this white paper should not be considered financial advice. Capshort is a cutting-edge application that combines immature, risky, and highly experimental technology. Development priorities, roadmaps, and features must be completely overhauled based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and countless other factors.

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