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Capshort Center will be a hub for all activities or events in the ecosystem and serve users to connect, learn, entertain, and receive rewards from those we organize.

In addition, charity activities by the Capshort Center management are also such important. Our team are willing to dedicate partly the profits to these meaningful and helpful ones for other difficult people or organizations.

The Features of Capshort Center

Submit Event/Product

  • Event

    Submit Event is a feature to help users submit Events to sponsors, advertisers or users who need to promote images or organize an event to attract users. From these events will help users have the opportunity to receive rewards from sponsors and sponsors can promote the image of their products or projects in a better way. With this feature, we want to be the bridge between the two needs of the user and the person who needs advertising to be able to connect effectively and best.

  • Product

    Submit Product is a feature that people can use for their own products such as music, filters, stickers, NFT, etc. To be able to publish to users in Capshort App can be used to help diversity. customize the content or ideas thereby making their content more attractive and engaging. And through the interaction or use, the author will be able to receive the CAP token from the same gray matter that they have spent on a product of theirs.

Your Product/Event

Your Product/Event is a place for users to manage their Products/Events and here will also be the place to help them see an overview of the status and statistics of each Product or Event they want has been and is being created.

Your Kiosk

This is a feature that can help you manage the products on your Kiosk, thereby helping you to use and statistics your Kiosk on Capshort App more easily and effectively.

coming soon...


The DAO will be a place where people can vote for features, activities will be held in the Capshort ecosystem. In the future, the DAO in Capshort Center will be a place for users to become moderators.

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Swap is like DeFi for users. But not only to exchange crypto but also Swap of Capshort Center is also used so that users can exchange other rewards such as NFT, mementos, or even souvenirs from Capshort team.

coming soon...

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