Problem and Solution

Official Capshort Whitepaper v1.0, last updated May 2023


  • It is not possible to invest in creators/channels before becoming a star.

  • Advertising costs of Web3 and blockchain projects are overpriced and inefficient.

  • E-commerce and game in the Web3 social network has not been effectively exploited.

  • Limited features of NFT in the whole ecosystem.

Realizing the potential of the issues outlined above has led to the Capshort ecosystem being born to make it easier for everyone to entertain, learn, and make money.


  • Create an equitization system for creators and help investors buy and sell shares to make profits.

  • Building tools to help the project or organization can reduce advertising costs, and increase promotion efficiency and quality of promotion.

  • Build e-commerce and game in social networks and crypto payments to help merchants be more efficient.

  • Create an NFT subscription form to help users use many features but only with one NFT.

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