What is Capshort ?

Capshort is an EVM-based ecosystem that allows people to engage in multi-sensory activities, thereby helping users both relax and be able to explore, learn and have easier access to Blockchain and Web3.

What are the objectives of Capshort?

Blockchain technology integrated with this mobile social network users in a new era for mobile applications.

Blockchain is becoming more accessible and accessible to all users.

Create a spatial experience that makes blockchain and web3 accessible to everyone through unique and innovative features.

What is the differentiation of Capshort?

Creators can be confident in their creations to be able to create value for their digital works.

One of the first mobile social networking applications to integrate blockchain technology, web3, and multi-sensory experiences, Capshort gives people the freedom to experience according to their preferences, relax and earn more cryptocurrency.

Within the Capshort ecosystem, a wide range of features and software can make your experience livelier and unique.

What benefits can the Capshort token owners receive?

The following advantages as Capshort token (CAP token) holders:

  • Receive gifts from the system

  • The discount transactional fee as using features in the ecosystem

  • Join in events for CAP token holders

  • Join in product innovation activities of Capshort ecosystem for voting

  • Earn profit with the staking features

  • Utilize tokens to invest in potential channels to generate more profit

Who is eligible to take part in Capshort?

Anyone who is over the age of 13 is welcome to join Capshort. The contents of the app will be presented in an age-appropriate manner. To prevent a negative impact on other users, inappropriate content that is offensive, sexual, aggressive, horrifying, ghastly, or depraved will be permanently removed from the system.

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